Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Murder Mark Dec. Mixtape!

New mixtape from Murder Mark! Check out his blog over at Promo Mix December by Murder Mark

1.R U Ready 2
2. Are You Ready(Dj 695 Rock Off Remix)-Rod Lee
3.Attention March-Dj B-Easy
4. The Rumble- Dj B-Easy
5.Black and Gold-Shake Off J and Matic
6.My Girl's Orgasm(The Diva Song)-Dj Sega
7.Fake Ass Bitches(Ny Club Mix)-Cobra Krames and Dj A.N.S.
8.Thug Style- Thunderbird Juiceboxx
9.Ride or Die-King Tutt
10.Whatchu Takin Bout-Mike Mumbles featuring Mike-Mike and Rell
11.Muscle Up- Mike-Mumbles
12.Get up Bitch-Dj Tigga
13.Let The Horns Rock-Dj Tigga
14.Back Stabba-Dj 695
15.Rep Your Set-Murder Mark
16.You The Best-Murder Mark
17.Best Lets Go Loop-Murder Mark
18.You The Best-Dj Pierre Remix
19.Garage Music(Demo)-Murder Mark

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